Drink Tea Daily for Better Health Tomorrow

Drink Tea Daily for Better Health Tomorrow

Smartmak Sauna Steamer, Portable 4L Upgrated Steam Pot Generator with Remote Control, Spa Machine with Timer Display Herbal Box for Body Detox, 110V US Plug- Grey

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Brand: Smartmak

Color: Gray


  • 【User-friendly 】: 4L larger capability steam pot with power 1600W can definitely meet your needs, 16-gear adjustment, faster preheating.You can turn it on/off by the smart remote control or through the buttons on the body
  • 【Safe Design】: Steam pot liner is 304 Stainless steel one-piece molding without welding, double-layer explosion-proof cover design. Explosion-proof, anti-dry and anti-leakage. ( Hoses Remote and Herbal box are packaged in the steamer pot)
  • 【Widely Used】: It can be used with aromatherapy oils or herbs(oils or herbs can only be put in the herbal box), totally relax yourself, fit for steam sauna, steam cabin, hot yoga or other related items. NOTE: Do not put essential oil in the steamer to prevent the lid from breaking up
  • 【Best Gifts】: This is a great gift for your dear, suitable for Birthday, Mather's day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and so on. Go and buy it now for yourself and them
  • 【Benefits】: Adjust mood and help relieve stress, enhance skin elasticity, detox with steam sauna use, the body through the perspiration to lose weight, detoxification, slimming effect. Long-term use helps to stabilize weight and keep fit

Details: The reasons for steam not enough: 1. The steam hose is not smooth, causing the steam to be blocked; 2. The cover is not tightly closed; 3. The water level exceeds the maximum scale line; 4. Did not use higest-power preheating for 10-20 minutes before using the product. Solution: 1. Check whether the hose is connected smoothly before use, and ensure that the steam will not leak. When using the herbal box, put the item on the upper layer of the herbal box, do not block the air vent; 2. When the cover is in use, align it with the slot in a clockwise direction; 3. Reduce the amount of water below the maximum scale line; 4. Use 16 power to warm up for a certain period of time to fill the sauna tent with steam. Specifications: Temperature regulation: 1-16 files Time control: 0-99 minutes Power: 1600W, Rated voltage: 110-120V AC 60Hz Capacity of Water: 4 L How to use our sauna steam generator? 1. Fill the evaporator with water below the maximum water level. 2. Connect the evaporator’s main plug into a convenient socket,set the timer,to 30minutes or over . 3. The evaporator will start producing sufficient steam for a sauna after about 10minutes you can now set the timer for the length of sauna you desire,most people choose to take a sauna for around 20-40minutes. 4. After use always wipe the inside of the cover with a dry cloth,do not put away damp. Package Contents: Steamer*1 Remote control*1 Hose*2 Connector*1 Product manual*1 Herbal Box*1 NOTE: 🚫 Do not put essential oil in the steamer to prevent the lid from breaking up. The hose and remote control are in the steam pot.

Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 11.0 x 10.6 inches

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