Drink Tea Daily for Better Health Tomorrow

Drink Tea Daily for Better Health Tomorrow

Npuag Txiv Hmoov Tshauv

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Npuag Txiv Hmoov Tshauv (Zeolite Tea Soap) may be used as a facial wash, body wash, and hair shampoo.  It may also be used to help relieve rash, moisturize the skin, smells great and serve as a deodorizer.  Npuag Txiv Zeolite may help to detox a person from electric static.  This soap  is all natural and handmade with only the finest ingredients consisting of: Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, KuabChua (Oolong Tea) Extract, Hmong Herbal Extract, Zeolite Powder (Healthy Earth Four Life), Glycerin, Ethyl Rubbing Alcohol, Sugar, Lavender Essential Oil / or Peppermint Essential Oil.

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