Drink Tea Daily for Better Health Tomorrow

Drink Tea Daily for Better Health Tomorrow

KuabCha Tea Express Bundle - Tea Bags

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KuabChua is proud to present our KuabCha Tea to all consumers with a soothing aroma and unique taste.  Our KuabCha Tea is natural grown in the foothill of Golden Triangle in ChiangRai province, Thailand.  Only the top 3 leaves are carefully harvested and processed in a highly selective manner to preserve and maximize its benefits.  KuabChua’s KuabCha Tea is a pure, divine, unique, and rare green tea that has very low in caffeine and it’s been hidden for centuries.

This tea is individually wrap in tea bags that you can easily steep in hot water and drink in seconds. You can take it with you anywhere, on the road, to work, etc.

There are 25 tea bags per box.

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